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Thanks for visiting the Wiki Space for the Icons of Depth and Complexity. We wanted to create a Web Space for educators interested in sharing their work using the Icons of Depth and Complexity. During the past two years we have worked with many educators and school districts across the U.S. who use the Icons of Depth and Complexity in their work. As a result, we've seen many creative and effective ways to use the Icons of Depth and Complexity across grades levels and subject areas and think that a Wiki Space is a great way to allow educators to share their stories, discoveries, and creations with each other.

As an open Wiki in Wikispaces, you can become an author and contributor of content and stories to this wiki. We encourage everyone to share their stories, insights, discoveries, questions about using the Icons of Depth and Complexity. This includes any teacher or student work that you or your students have created using Deep an Complex Look Books, The Literary Response Journal and The Icon game. You can create a discussion thread with a question or story you have about using the Icons of Depth and Complexity in your work by using the Discussion Tab above. In addition, you can share your Look Book and Literary Response Journal examples in the Examples Gallery.

As we like to say, "Consider this your invitation to think deeply and complexly about what you are learning."

Paula Wilkes,
Mark Szymanski,
Karren Timmermans,

California Association for the Gifted Conference Presentation 2011.

Post Presentation Thoughts: I folks. Thanks for coming to the presentation. I hope you were able to take a few ideas away that will help you get started on using some kind of Wiki or collaboration tool that will help you use the frameworks with your kids. As I said yesterday, my goal is to give you a few broad frameworks that will help your kids add some depth and complexity to their work and give them access to a wide range of great resources. The wikispace help button has some nice videos that are short and easy to follow. Embedding all the content into your web presence starts by using the widget button. Like I said yesterday, here is where you will be able to insert and manage all the content based on embed codes that are widely available with most content on the web. Send me an email if you have any questions or if you have anything to share with me and my studnets! Thanks, Mark.

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